SACMI publishes first “technological manual” for the Tableware industry

SACMI publishes first “technological manual” for the Tableware industry

This publication completes the manuals already created by SACMI for the Tiles & Sanitaryware sectors. A complimentary gift to customers, a tribute to the culture of knowledge and experience that has always characterized SACMI’s competitive advantage on the international market and a way to transmit know-how throughout the company.

SACMI has launched the publication of its first technological manual for the tableware industry. Made up of two volumes, it is an addition to the existing books written for the Tiles & Sanitaryware sectors, thus completing this series of manuals dedicated to production technologies in the traditional ceramic environments.

An active leader in the day-to-day development of technical, technological and product innovation in the Tableware sector, SACMI aims to show the market and customers its dedication, not just to continuous innovation, but also to spreading its know-how throughout the industry.

“The production of tableware – explains Daniele Coralli, General Manager SACMI Sanitaryware & Tableware – has a history that goes back thousands of years and which deserves to be told starting from the properties and uses of this extraordinary material”.

Raw materials, bodies, formulations, design. The book provides everything there is to know for a new graduate, for example, joining a company for the first time. This and more in the publication which, in different chapters, takes an in-depth look at a variety of aspects within an overall vision of a complete production system – the strong-point of SACMI’s technological proposal.

“As happened previously with the other publications – adds Coralli – this book benefited from the experience brought back to us by our technicians who, from all corners of the globe and with different areas of expertise, work in close contact with our customers every day. It is, above all, their knowledge and experience which have been condensed into this manual”.

How to better know and understand a particular material or a process. How to find a reference formulation. These are just some of the “secrets” which can be discovered inside the book, particularly useful in a world which is constantly and rapidly changing, where many companies have a frequent turn-over of personnel and therefore require an immediate and effective method of training up new recruits.

Unique amongst the other publications currently available in the tableware field, this manual does not replace, but completes, the main technical publications in the sector. In particular, these volumes summarize the approach which has allowed SACMI, thanks to its own research structures and consolidated brands (SACMI Imola, SAMA Maschinenbau, Riedhammer, Gaiotto), to become worldwide market leader in the tableware industry specializing in all aspects, from body preparation to modelling, from firing to factory logistics.

“Each SACMI customer is first and foremost a partner, with whom we can explore new and ambitious objectives together”, explains Daniele Coralli. This is why, upon request, we will offer our customers our new technological manual as a complimentary gift, a part of SACMI’s close business relationship with its customers.

In addition to the historical, technological and market aspects, the manual focuses on R&D; the heart of modern manufacturing. From this point of view, SACMI offers continuous support thanks to the advanced equipment available at the R&D Lab at the parent company headquarters in Imola and the pilot plant located at Group company SAMA Maschinenbau, based in Weissenstadt, Germany where customers can carry out tests and trials on materials and machines.

The aim of these structures is to speed up product development and industrialization times, giving customers the possibility to design new products and test the latest technologies in the field. In this way SACMI shows its commitment as a partner from A to Z for all aspects of the production process, the product and the technologies required to create that product.

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