RAK UAE focuses on world-class SACMI-SAMA pressure casting

RAK UAE focuses on world-class SACMI-SAMA pressure casting

New PCM 200 GREEN/D, with top-of-the-range equipment and a productivity of up to 30 cycles per hour, recently installed. A ‘paired’ system with two independent units provides a highly compact solution with ultra-efficient production mix management

RAK UAE (United Arab Emirates) has decided to invest in world-leading SACMI-SAMA pressure casting by purchasing a new PCM 200 GREEN/D press. A long-standing market leader, RAK continues to aim for higher productivity and efficiency to optimize management of its broad production mix, which consists of both soft porcelain and bone china items.

The SAMA-supplied PCM 200 GREEN/D press - a top-of-the-range version featuring all-stainless steel equipment on THE parts that come into contact with water - has already undergone final testing. Like all latest-generation PCMs, the machine has a remote connection for teleassistance and can handle different production mixes at rates of up to 30 cycles per hour.

This press is the most popular on the market, one of its hallmarks being a ‘paired’ system of two independent pressure casting units. This makes for an extremely compact solution that allows for synchronized demolding (i.e. the left-hand unit performs demolding while the right-hand one performs pressing and vice versa), thus maximizing productivity and efficiency.

The machine can mount up to 4 mold holder plates (two for each unit/head) with a clamping force of 1,000 kN per side. It can make an extremely wide range of items as high as 110 mm. SACMI has also supplied RAK with the technology and know-how needed to produce its own molds using raw materials tested and supplied by SAMA.
This order – which brings the total number of PCM presses installed at RAK UAE to six – confirms SACMI-SAMA’s technological leadership in the tableware pressure casting field and provides a sound response to growing market demand for streamlined automation, versatility and a smaller footprint.

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