With the new UPM 8, Porser Porselen even stronger in the Horeca sector

The foot grinding machine was chosen and tried out by the customer when visiting the SAMA Competence Center in Weissenstadt. Hallmarks of the solution include the high level of configurability together with special features to guarantee quality and process repeatability. 

Producing more than 42 million pieces per year, Porser Porselen is one of the leading Tableware manufacturers in Turkey and its market positioning is focused on supplying high end products for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.
This is why the customer chose the UPM 8, SACMI-SAMA’s state-of-the art system for piece foot grinding which, compared to traditional solutions, stands out for better quality, process repeatability and durability.  
Now up and running at the production plant in Sancaktep, in the Istanbul area - one of two Porser factories in the country – the machine is dedicated to grinding the stoneware articles made here. 
The customer chose this machine after a visit to SAMA’s Competence Center at its headquarters in Weissenstadt, Germany. Here, the machine is set up as part of SAMA’s pilot plant and was tried out by the customer using their own plates so as to identify the optimum configuration to suit their needs. Specific design details – such as the micro-movements of the diamond grinding belt during operations – increase the lifetime of the wear part (belt), while a wide range of configurations is available thanks to the possibility to install a single head or up to 3 grinding heads, according to the type of piece (soft or hard porcelain). 
Furthermore, with the UPM 8, it is possible to handle the widest variety of shapes (round, oval or special shape foot). The infeed system can also be personalized with the possibility to use the UPM 8 as a standalone grinding machine, to feed pieces manually or by means of the Unistore device; which enables stacks of plates to be loaded. Another option it to integrate infeed with automation systems such as conveyor belts to load and unload pieces automatically.  
The supply made to Porser is part of a wider development plan being implemented by the customer at its two production plants (in Sancaktep, Istanbul and Kuthaya City) to broaden its range to include hard porcelain, made possible also thanks to a Riedhammer kiln in operation and already adapted for this type of production.  


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