New Oxford Porcelanas factory set up with SACMI-SAMA technology in “Espirito Santo”

New Oxford Porcelanas factory set up with SACMI-SAMA technology in “Espirito Santo”

Brand new plant set up in the Brazilian state of “Espirito Santo” for Oxford Porcelanas, whose  headquarters are in São Bento do Sul. First piece exits the modern production lines featuring two SAMA PHO451 isostatic presses and an OFM universal finishing machine

With SACMI technology, Oxford Porcelanas has started up a completely new tableware plant in São Mateus in the State of Espirito Santo. An ambitious operation for one of the top Brazilian manufacturers of tableware, kitchenware and top-of-the-range porcelain which has chosen SACMI-SAMA solutions once more for its new factory in São Mateus, having previously supplied the machines in operation at the Group’s headquarters in São Bento do Sul (Santa Catarina).

The new plant consists of two complete lines, each of which are equipped with a SAMA PHO451 isostatic press connected to the OFM universal finishing machine. Oxford is dedicating the two high-performance versatile presses to the manufacture of hollow and deep pieces, to reach a production capacity exceeding 10,000 pieces per day with three workshifts.
Following start-up, with the first plate having left the production line on 30th November 2023, the new collections are ready to be launched by Oxford Porcelanas, which already houses a considerable fleet of SACMI machines - including presses, two-channel kilns and spray-driers - at its headquarters in São Bento do Sul.

The growth in production capacity achieved thanks to the new plant in Espirito Santo will contribute both to improving Oxford Porcelanas positioning on the Brazilian market and further increasing the percentage of product destined for export.

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