Cattin Porcellane d’Arte and SACMI-Sama quality <br>for perfect Made in Italy porcelain</br>

Cattin Porcellane d’Arte and SACMI-Sama quality
for perfect Made in Italy porcelain

Quality and process repeatability, as well as reduced consumption, are the choices at the heart of the Treviso-based factory’s recent investment. For SACMI-Sama the project demonstrates their ability as top-level partner not just for large-scale operations, but also for the high-end artisan factory.

Luxury and beauty since 1983. These are the hallmarks of Cattin Porcellane d’Arte, the Treviso-based family-run business known throughout the world for the excellent quality and artistry of its high-end tableware and accessories, which has recently invested in SACMI-Sama technology to ensure continuous improvement of quality and the production process.
The recently perfected PCM 100 “Green” press, made by Sama, is central to the supply. This machine is a new design combining high performance with low energy and cooling water consumption. Equipped with a slip dosing and heating kit, the solution will be dedicated to the production of a complex mix of articles of various shapes and sizes, from pasta bowls and plates to trays and other accessories which can be made in two-part moulds by means of pressure casting with resin moulds.
Thanks to the special features of the machine – supplied with a larger cross-beam, 900x1000 mm – it will be possible to make large-sized items of diameters even greater than 33-35 cm, while guaranteeing perfect quality and process repeatability. These repeatable articles are then transformed, through the subsequent decoration work, into precious unique pieces. In fact the company, which is run by the second generation of its owners, the Cortese family, is known particularly for its manual decoration with chiselling work of every single piece using precious materials such as gold and platinum
Traditionally the target markets for this kind of tableware are the Asian and middle-Eastern markets as well as the Russian Federation.  Here the Cattin brand is recognized as a symbol of the very best Italian artistic craftsmanship in the tableware field. For SACMI-Sama, this project has been an important confirmation of its capacity to become reference partner not just for the large-scale tableware factories that require solutions for handling bulk volumes and standardized production processes, but also for the smaller producers offering ceramic excellence, such as Cattin, that successfully compete on the market through their insistence on the absolute value of quality and artistic beauty.
In particular, the new solution supplied is a radical innovation as concerns all the stages upstream of the process – the production of the article with high-relief decoration – by eliminating traditional plaster moulds which are particularly subject to wear and tear during production of these kinds of very large and complex articles. With resin moulds and the pressure-casting solution, on the other hand, the company can count on performing thousands of cycles using the same mould whilst always obtaining a top quality piece.
Another important choice made by Cattin was to equip the machine with the latest SACMI Tableware solutions directed towards Industry 4.0. The machine’s PLC interface is specially designed both to ensure integration with the customer’s factory system and also allow service and preventative maintenance operations to be carried out by the SACMI-Sama team, even in remote mode.
Finally, SACMI-Sama, supplied a complete set of resin moulds for the production of two series of dishes (plates, pasta bowls and dessert bowls). The highly effective cooperation between the two teams has led to the successful start-up of the plant and enabled Cattin to further perfect the plate production process, in particular obtaining a perfect planarity of the central part of the plate obtained thanks to the pressure-casting technique. The result is a further improvement in the quality of the product, strengthening even more the position of the company in this specialist niche market with high added value.   

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