Pecasa enters the ceramic tableware market with SACMI-SAMA NCC machine

Pecasa enters the ceramic tableware market with SACMI-SAMA NCC machine

New cup and mug jiggering solution just supplied. Thanks to the new high-production system supplied by SACMI-SAMA, the customer extends its product range to include high added value segment

Spin-off of the Cello Plast group, lead supplier of house and kitchen products, the Indian company Pecasa chooses SACMI-SAMA to start up its new plant for the manufacture of ceramic cups and mugs.  
Already tested and started up with success at the factory based in Chennai, in the south of the country, the new SAMA NCC 2 300-124 is a high-output solution for the production of cups using jiggering technology. Equipped with con 2 heads and 124 moulds, the machine can make pieces having a max. height up to 150 mm, with production output up to 1200 pieces/hour according to the shape.

The high production rate is the main advantage of this solution which, in addition to being provided with two jiggering heads, also includes the drying station for the green pieces, where the item dries out sufficiently to be sponged and for the handle to be glued on.   
The entire process is automated, from loading the wads of clay to handling the moulds, up to green piece drying and transfer of the pieces to the manual finishing station. As with all SACMI machines, the NCC is equipped with software for remote service, for troubleshooting and monitoring the performance of the plant.

The supply made to Pecasa is the first solution set up there to complete the customer’s product range. Up to now, as regards Tableware, this was concentrated only on the production of opalware pieces. Thanks to the partnership with SACMI-SAMA, therefore, an opportunity has been created to enter this new high added value sector with the direct manufacturing of ceramic cups and mugs, a precursor to further production expansion in the future.  

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