Machinery and plants for Tableware Industry

Machines and Plants for Isostatic pressing of flatware:
presses with 450-700 tons closing force for round, oval and non-round plates/platters, bowls, baking dishes and salad bowls.
Universal article rim fettling and finishing machines for round, oval and non-round plates/platters. Self-learning system for the precise control of article contour. ​
Pressure casting plants in single or double-head design with or without double plate for core cast and hollow cast tableware items (e.g. for ceramic bottles).
Automatic pressure casting lines for hollow ware such as bottles, flagons, vases and pots, etc. (e.g. for the production of bottles for Chivas whiskey).
Handle pressure casting – stand alone or integrated lines.
Isostatic pressing tools, membranes and Pressure casting moulds.
Own developed recipe of resin SAMA-por and chemicals for customers in-house production for pressure casting moulds.
Services e.g. technical assistance and spare parts, test and developing of ceramic product in R&D Center.
Glazing systems for the entire range of flat and hollow ware articles
Automatic hollow ware casting lines
Cup- and plate foot grinding machines for dry and wet grinding in different executions
Machines and Plants for plastic shaping like numerically controlled jiggering machines for cups, mugs, pots and large tableware items.
Extruders machine in different executions.

 Machinery and plants for Technical Ceramic Industry:
Horizontal and vertical extruders for long rod and hollow insulators
Horizontal and vertical extruders for stoneware pipes including loading device for extruded pipes
Plastic shaping machines for pin-type and suspension-type insulators
Turning and boring machines for all types of insulators
Automatic glazing plants for long-rod insulators


SAMA Maschinenbau GmbH has been founded in 1996, after Netzsch Keramische Verfahrenstechnik, Selb, has been sold to a Chinese company. The operation has been started in the buildings of the bankrupt company Messrs. Voit in Weissenstadt.
The employees from the beginning were people who have had a large experience in producing ceramic machinery, due to their activity for many years at Netzsch Keramische Verfahrenstechnik and Voit Keramikmaschinenbau.
A completely new production programme with own profile has been elaborated, based on experience, inventiveness and readiness for action.

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The innovative strength and dynamic development of SAMA may be identified by the following milestones

  • Development of the first double head press for table ware with independent heads and independent rim finishing units
  • Development of energy saving system.
  • Development of fettling system  for isostatic pressed articles and cast articles.
  • Development of NC controls for cup and plate roller machines
  • Launched new grinding technique by introducing diamond belts and minimized wear and tear parts.
  • Development of handle pressure casting machines.
  • Introduction of adiprene for isostatic pressing tools.
  • Introduction of adiprene for isostatic pressing in order to achieve improved surfaces, especially for bone china and fine china
  • Development of pressure casting technology for hand formers.
  • Introduction of automatic programming of robots by scanning the profile of articles
  • Development of new insulator turning and boring systems for long rod post insulators including dip-glazing and splash glazing systems
  • Development of the proven extruder programme of GRIESE/DORSCH for the development of stoneware pipes
  • Handling, storing and fast drying of pressure cast hollow ware items like whisky bottles


Daniele Coralli

General Manager

Winfried Hein

General Manager


Schillerstrasse 21
D-95163 Weissenstadt
Tel: +49-9253-8890
Fax: +49-9253-1079

Registered office:   D-95163 Weissenstadt
Register Court:    Amtsgericht Hof, HRB 2472
Directors:      Daniele Coralli, Winfried Hein
VAT-Number: DE812 088 367

Authorised Economic Operator according to AEOC 112525



Schillerstrasse 21 - D-95163 Weissenstadt - Germany
Tel.: +49-9253-8890
Fax: +49-9253-1079
VAT No.  DE812 088 367
R.E.A: Register Court: Amtsgericht Hof, HRB 2472

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