Ceramic and porcelain decoration machines

SAMA provides a comprehensive range of decorating technologies for all tableware products, including those made of glass. We are specialized in Thermal decal application, Direct printing, Lining Machines, Underside printing and digital Printing as well (INTESA, SACMI Group).

DHD908 SACMI Digital - Digital printer for flatware

DHD908 SACMI Digital

Digital printer for flatware

Fitted with 6 colour bars, the machine is able to apply customised digital decorations (for example, on pizza plates, the restaurant’s logo, a particular graphic design, but also much more complex images with photographic quality) with a maximum distance between the heads and the printing surface of 20-25mm. The useful printing width up to 451 mm (400 mm for the plate) means it is possible to manage any type and shape of plate and flat surface, with the advantage of the SACMI vision system that automatically identifies the position and assures perfect centring of the plate before decoration.

648 - Pad printing machine for ceramics and porcelain

648 - Pad printing machine for ceramics and porcelain

The back stamping machines are suitable in the porcelain and ceramic industry for the application of underglaze back stamps.

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