With SACMI-SAMA a new future for Jingdezhen, centre of an ancient porcelain manufacturing district

With SACMI-SAMA a new future for Jingdezhen, centre of an ancient porcelain manufacturing district

Jingdezhen Yishan Ceramics Co., Ltd commissions from SACMI a complete supply for its brand new tableware factory. With the support of the local government the Chinese porcelain company makes a well-calculated decision to invest in the best technology in the world to re-invigorate and revalue the industry creating a modern and sustainable factory which combines high standards of technology, quality and energy saving. Tools and resins moulds, as well as a complete body preparation plant, have also been supplied.

The aim of Jingdezhen Yishan Ceramics Co., Ltd is to re-invigorate for the future the ancient tradition of porcelain manufacture through the use of the best technology currently available on the international market. For this reason the company purchased from SACMI-SAMA a complete supply for its new tableware factory in the city of Jingdezhen.

With a production capacity of 10 million pieces per year, the factory is part of the Ceramic Smart Workshop, a production complex which, with a surface area of 280.000 m², houses various local artisan businesses dedicated to artistic ceramics, thus combining past and present, tradition and modernity. Known as the world capital of porcelain since even earlier than the year 1000 under the Tang Dynasty, the city has, for centuries, been the heart of the porcelain industry in China, with manufactured products exported all over the world and, in particular, to Europe, where the Changnan porcelain (today Jingdezhen) was particularly sought after for its fine quality and workmanship.

The rest of the story is more recent: the entire production area of the city, which had fallen into disuse, has now been regenerated and brought back to life following a specific target of the Government. The first step was the creation of a museum of local history of porcelain production. Secondly, a brand new tableware factory was built; Jingdezhen Ceramic Industrial Park – a modern and sustainable factory equipped with the most advanced standards of technology in the industry.

For the new factory, SACMI-SAMA supplied Jingdezhen with a total of six presses belonging to SAMA’s new “GREEN Series”, the most competitive on the market as regards energy consumption reduction (up to more than 30% compared to a traditional press) and equipped with latest generation tools which reduce waste and burr in production to a percentage always below 5%.

In particular, five PHO451 GREEN presses have been supplied and are dedicated to the production of round and non-round articles, equipped with a total of seven finishing machines, four OFM for non-round pieces and three RFM for round items. To complete the supply, a PHO650 GREEN is dedicated to the production of large-sized items and is equipped with an OFM finishing machine for non-round pieces and a demoulding machine for bowls or deep articles.

Next to the presses, SACMI-SAMA has installed solutions for the production of cups with a handle (plastic forming machine for the cup body plus a pressure-casting module for the handles and an automatic system for sticking the handles onto the body). A further pressure casting machines with resin moulds (PCM150 GREEN) is used for large and oval-shaped serving dishes. The range of articles also includes hollow pieces and vases, which can be made using a traditional HGM 98.2 500 casting machine.

To complete the production process, SACMI has also supplied solutions for automatic dip glazing (Triplex for glazing plates, Mono10T for glazing cups). Finally, two UPM8 foot grinding machines recently launched onto the market and set up with four grinding heads and a system to automatically load and unload plates in a stack.
Importantly, Jingdezhen also chose SACMI for the complete supply of the modelling developments and moulds, together with a customer training service for the manufacture of the resin moulds. The machines are all provided with a kit for remote technical assistance thus guaranteeing the customer a technical assistance service from a distance with the possibility to interface directly with the factory ERP.

In addition to the new factory, Jingdezhen Yishan Ceramics Co., Ltd has also set up, a short distance away, a plant totally dedicated to body preparation, with a total production capacity of 600 ton/day, both to serve the new factory and also, more generally, to supply raw materials to local industry.

In this case also, an important part of the top range of systems supplied to the customer are the SACMI Smart Powder Plant solutions. These included machines which have been specially set up to process raw materials for porcelain such as, for example, dissolvers, stirrers, the ATM018 spray-dryer and the PPB308 feed pump.
The process control logic, which SACMI developed in collaboration with the specialists at Yishan, as well as the HERE SACMI supervisor, fully automate the body preparation process ensuring maximum quality and control during each and every stage.

Thanks to SACMI technology, Jingdezhen Yishan Ceramics Co., Ltd consolidates its position in the production of top quality porcelain, contributing to the local culture and tradition of the region whilst, at the same time ensuring its future thanks to the very best technologies available on the worldwide market today for this industry.

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