SAMA is looking for new talents and opens a new office in Weiden (Bavaria)

SAMA is looking for new talents and opens a new office in Weiden (Bavaria)

Numerous positions are available, particularly in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering and software programming. The aim is to enrich the company with new skills by promoting flexibility and sustainable mobility.

SAMA, SACMI’s leading company in the tableware business, is seeking for new staff and announces the opening of a new office in Weiden, Bavaria, 100 km east of the city of Nuremberg, with the aim of attracting new skills of strategic interest to the company.

There are many open vacancies, particularly in the areas of software programming (mechanical and electrical engineers). The office in Weiden will be dedicated to engineers, offering the possibility of working in a modern space with flexible and sustainable working methods: a real open space where engineers and programmers will be able to work together, without having to physically reach the headquarters in Weissenstadt.

This will make it possible to achieve a twofold objective, enriching SAMA with new skills necessary to further accelerate on machine software automation and, together, to achieve the environmental sustainability agenda.

In addition to using the shared workspace in Weiden, employees can take advantage of all the smart working options by working from home, avoiding the need to travel tens of kilometres  each day to get to work.

All open positions in the new Weiden office can be found on the SACMI Careers portal.

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